What to Do When Your Bored!

Bored? Well you found the right place to go! Here I have listed a number of sites to go to if you are bored!

Online Sites:
  1. Buzzfeed.com (The place for quizzes!)
  2. Pinterest.com  (Feeling crafty?)
  3. Fanfiction.com (Want a short sequel to your favorite book?)
  4. Duolingo.com (Want to learn a new language?)
  5. Poptropica.com (You are here because you bored, right?)
  6. FreeRice.com  (Your helping kids and getting smarter!)
  7. WikiHow.com (You can learn anything!)
  8. Cartoonize.net (Want to turn yourself into a cartoon?)
  9. Boredbutton.com (Has bored in the name!)
  10. crazycardtrick.com (literally amazing!)

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